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About Me

Let me introduce myself. I am a wife, a mom, and a lifelong learner, residing in Plainview, Texas. I come from an athletic background, as an all-state basketball player in high school and academic All-American in college. I know the value of hard work, and I know what it takes to win.

My professional background is not in finance, but in teaching and coaching. I actually see this as a positive, since one of my strengths is breaking down complicated concepts into simple explanations. My goal is to teach, inspire, and help you to implement the strategies that we develop together. I have the distinct honor of being on the list of Authorized IBC Practitioners put forth by the Nelson Nash Institute. 

I am licensed nationwide, so even if you're not in the great state of Texas, I'd love to help you! 

Outside of work, I stay busy with my husband and our three wonderful kids. I also am actively involved in the worship ministry at our church, and have led worship for many years. It's important to me to honor God in all I do by being honest, trustworthy, and doing my very best for my clients. 


Meet the Team

I'm a big believer in teamwork. I have strengths and weaknesses just like anyone else, and I truly value having partners who can bring their unique gift sets to the table in order to serve our clients the very best we can. 


Mark Leach

Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of business, with a specialization in agriculture. He has a passion for helping business owners and farmers advance and grow their operations in ways that not only increase efficiency and productivity, but also bring peace of mind.  

Mark resides in Plainview, Texas with his wife Kathy. They have two grown children and a three year old grandson, who is their pride and joy! 

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Zach is a numbers whiz and a spreadsheet ninja. He has practiced IBC personally for many years and seen the benefits first hand of the financial freedom that it has brought to his family. His passion for infinite banking has led him to become licensed so that he can help teach others.  

Zach lives in Weatherford, Texas with his beautiful wife Taylor and their son Gage.

Zach Adkins

Who Was
Nelson Nash?


Who I Help

While anyone is invited to come and learn, IBC is best suited to the person who has good money habits, values individual responsibility and work ethic, and has a desire to create their own financial destiny. I help individuals, families, and business owners forge a path to true financial freedom. 

What's in It for You

I care about people. I value relationships. I go the extra mile to make sure you're taken care of. That's one of the great things about being a small company. Success isn't measured in sales but in service! Our relationship doesn't end with policy delivery. My goal is to be your IBC coach for the long haul. 

How I Do It

When you meet with me, don't expect a slick sales spin. I want to hear about your story, your goals, and your dreams. We'll come up with a plan together that you can be confident will benefit your family for years, and even generations, to come. 

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