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Don't Be Normal

Your financial world does not exist within a vacuum. It has to live inside some sort of environment. The "normal" environment that houses most people's finances is one that makes banks and lenders very, very profitable. In fact, the "normal" American sends over 30% of their disposable income to interest payments. Year after year. No wonder it's so hard to get ahead. Nelson Nash calls this a "financial headwind."

I remember as a teenager going on a family trip to a nearby lake. We rented a couple of paddle boats and had the best time paddling along, the wind at our backs. We didn't want to get too far off, so we decided it was time to turn back...into the wind. We were not expecting what happened next. A leisurely excursion suddenly turned into an exhausting workout. We were paddling as hard as we could and barely making any progress towards our destination. Finally we realized that the current wasn't as strong near the shoreline, so what should have been a straight shot turned into a much longer trip. But we made it. Weary and winded, but we made it.

Isn't that how life feels sometimes? You're weary and winded, but still staying afloat.

What if there was a better way? What if there was a way to position yourself financially to do away with the headwind for good? What if you could put your financial life in a place where the wind was at your back? That's exactly what is possible when you implement the Infinite Banking Concept to become your own banker.

It's not normal. It's not instant. And it's not's just unfamiliar. It's a process of building a system that can set you and your family free for generations. Not everyone will do it because not everyone is willing to learn something new. That's normal.

Normal is easy. But normal is also broke. Don't be normal.

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