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What's the Why?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

I had the privilege of attending the Nelson Nash Institute's 2023 IBC Practitioner's Think Tank in Birmingham, Alabama. I was blown away by the humility, the kindness, and the genuine passion for the message of the Infinite Banking Concept. What was my main takeaway? This is not just about insurance. It's not about rates of return. It's not about policy design, or company selection, or any of the other things people like to argue about on the Internet.

This is about the opportunity to change lives. This is about freeing people from a system that is not set up for their benefit. I encourage you to visit the NNI's website at to see what they're all about. Here's a little straight from the site to give you a glimpse into the heart of what Nelson Nash started back in 1981:

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to educate and inspire individuals to take control of their financial lives by reclaiming the banking function from outsiders."

Our Vision Statement

"Our vision is a free society characterized by creative privatized banking solutions independent of government intervention. We recognize that true freedom incorporates financial freedom."

Who are we and what do we do?

"We advocate a form of privatized “banking” for the public relying on Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). This alternative financial strategy is superior in several dimensions when compared to traditional government-qualified plans.

We teach the public how to use Permanent Whole Life Insurance as the cash-flow management vehicle for implementing Infinite Banking. Our IBC Practitioner’s Program trains financial services professionals—including life insurance agents but also CPAs and attorneys—on how to properly structure whole life insurance policies as “banking” polices for their clients.

The Infinite Banking Concept is based on the premise that if a typical household, or business, owns the capability to perform the banking function, then it will recapture volumes of interest traditionally paid to other financial entities (banks, mortgage companies, etc.). IBC is not about “investing in” life insurance. Instead, IBC uses properly structured life insurance policies that allow a household or business to conveniently manage cash-flow in a way that maintains control and access, while providing conservative yet consistent long-term growth.

Nelson Nash used to say that IBC is more caught than taught. I think I "caught" something by hanging out with such a quality group of individuals in Birmingham. A fellow IBC practitioner said it best. The message of the Think Tank can be summed up in one word: others. This is about helping and serving others as we help them find a true path to financial freedom.

Now that's a message I can get behind.

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